Record Info

An A record is an address record. This maps a domain to an IP address. The most common use is connecting your domain to the server hosting your website.
So when a user types your domain into their browser, your A record tells them which server the site is hosted on.

A CNAME record is often used instead of an A record when the domain is an alias of another. For example, you might have and, if these are hosted on the same server then could have a CNAME record pointing to which means if you were to change servers at any point, you only have to update the A record on

An MX record is a mail exchange record. This routes your email from your domain to the service you are using to host email. These must always point to another domain.

A NS record maps your domain to the service that is managing the DNS records. This points to whichever provider (such as GoDadyy, 1&1, Digital Ocean, etc.) that you use to update your records.

A TXT record allows you to put text onto a record of your domain. This is often used to verify your ownership of a domain.